Leave Me Behind

Leave Me Behind

Point me to the down staircase, where I can get my hustle on

I miss all the card tricks and the cheap wine

And keep those tricky little fingers away from my heart and mind

Lead me to the other sinners sitting away from the fire

And see the angels fly, they never even said goodbye

To their heavens in the sky-with god’s favorites and his fortunate’s you’re the apple in god’s eye

Point me to the other lost their ways, where I can get my soup line huddle on

I miss all those doomed and desperate days set to waltz time

And leave us Charlie Chaplain’s beautiful mistakes and leave us with our madness, shivers and our shakes, and you keep all those pinched and pious faces with their end time games

Leave me behind – take your megamall churches with y’all

Leave me with the sinners and the beggars and the blind

Leave me behind, keep your television priests and voodoo dolls

You go on now and leave me behind

See the angels fly…

To there heavens in the sky…

Leave me behind, take the lightless-eyed and the cattle-called

Leave me with the sinners and the deviated kind

Leave me behind, take your power point bible super show

And you go one now and leave me behind