Where’s the One?

Where’s the One?

The junkies all did cut-up at the half baked sale

Tommy put his foot down and then we started to wail

My head was filled with incantations

She needs a clock to keep time

If I could click my heels to get home

Might find rhythm in the rhyme

Where’s the one?

Where’s the one?

Ten months later you came and burned the bridge down

Wearing a blousy little number like a rock and roll clown

Never mind you couldn’t keep your own words straight

Hair like David St. Hubbins draped on your face

You’ve got your lyric sheets scattered

At least you wrote it down

You’re such a rock and roll clown!

I could start to cry if I stopped laughing

I could name names but that won’t pay my rent

If I could get a kick start

There might be hope in this town

I could make amends for all the things I’ve said

What could be the point there’s no one listening

Brother could spare the time?

I’ll prove I’m not past my prime

Where’s the one?

Where’s the one?