Jan 19th (10pm-midnight), The Shiny Lights will be on KFAI’s Live from Studio 5!

This Wednesday, Jan 19th (10pm-midnight), tune into KFAI’s Live from Studio 5!
90.3 Mpls/106.7 St Paul (or streaming live at kfai.org)
The Shiny Lights, along with Giravves, will be your guiding beacon of radio entertainment.

Live from Studio 5!

Every week “Live From Studio Five!” airs live performances in our studios of local bands of all different genres. Occasionally we interview national artists such as Wanda Jackson, Kid Koala and Dale Watson. “Live From Studio Five!” is a group effort hosted by MJ Gilmore and Doug The Thug with lots of help from Casey Moo, our in-house musician, Tom Tschantz and Clay Kennedy, our engineers and Georgia Cady and Jerry Pollard, our videographers.