Meet The Shiny Lights

The Shiny Lights are kind of 70’s retrorock with a splash of modern-day authority to keep the sound fresh. It’s 1976 meets 2010. Hailing from Minneapolis, The Shiny Lights are comprised of Twin Cities veteran musicians Chris Lynch (guitar/keys, vocals), John Eller (guitar/keys, vocals), Steve Price (bass, vocals) and Noah Levy (drums, percussion).

John and Chris have worked together in the past under the aptly named Eller Lynch moniker. The new project, while an avenue for showcasing each of their singing and songwriting prowess, is much more of a band colloration, with Steve Price (formerly of Rex Daisy) adding unspeakable mojo and creative development in the writing and recording process. Rounded out by the world class drumming and percussion of Noah Levy (Honeydogs, Bo Deans), please meet The Shiny Lights.